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The Delightful Offerings of Costa Blanca

Costa Blanca is one of Spain’s most famous and popular coasts; it draws millions of visitors every year to its shores from far and near. The locals crowd it during weekends and public holidays while tourists book early for a fantastic holiday at Costa Blanca.

Coastal offering

There is no lack of magnificent fine sandy beaches along Costa Blanca. There are numerous interesting cities along its coast to delight visitors of all kinds. They include Denia, Javea, Calpe, Altea, Albir, Benidorm, Finestrat, El Campello, Alicante, Santa Pola, Guardamar del Segura, Torrevieja and Pilar de Horadada.

Each of these coastal cities and towns along Costa Blanca offer their own uniqueness and environment flowing from a rich history and interesting culture cum traditions. There are modern and clean amenities with comfortable accommodation and a vibrant nightlife that would satisfy both the local and foreign visitors.

Costa Blanca means “White Coast” which is aptly given to this 200 km long stretch of white fine sand along its coastline. Costa Blanca lies in Alicante province with many small coves that are worthy of exploration. The sandy beaches are wide with beautiful landscapes surrounding them along with palm trees and wetlands as well as nature parks.

The coastline draws millions here every year with its offering of 300 sunshine days and a pleasant temperature that averages 17 degrees Celsius. There are plenty of modern amenities as well as water sports facilities available along the coast to delight tourists looking for some great fun in the sun.


Costa Blanca was purportedly coined by the British European Airways in 1957 when it used this term to advertise their flights to Valencia from London. This term was part of the airline’s slogan to interest holidaymakers into visiting Valencia.

The name is most appropriate as one testifies of the white beaches from an aerial coastal view. The rock formations along this coastline are obvious and impressive. Small quaint villages with typical Andalucian whitewashed homes contrast impressively against the deep blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

The long stretch of coastline can be divided into north and south. The northern coast comprises Calpe, Denia and Javea where huge rock formations can be viewed while the southern coast is the artist’s paradise with Albir and Altea as well as Benidorm which is renowned for its fantastic leisure facilities and pulsating nightlife.

One would pass by many exciting towns and cities in between to enjoy the natural landscapes and endearing atmosphere for a leisure beach holiday in Costa Blanca.

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Driving Tours in Spain

Driving tours in Spain can be the most fulfilling in a way and you will find many people choosing them over other options that they are exposed to. The overland tours will have minivans and other personal vehicles to take you around some of the best areas in the country. The choice of vehicle will depend on your personal preferences of the number of people who will be taking part in the tour.

The best thing about the driving tours is that they will have the major attractions of the region or cities to handle and you can therefore be sure that by the end of the day you would have had the best that Spain has to offer you. They normally come with a schedule in that you will know where you will be every single time. On reaching the attraction, you will get the time to alight and enjoy the site before then moving along to the next attraction.

The driving tours are mostly guided but you can choose an adventurous self drive itinerary if you are more familiar with the country. It is also very interesting to try exploring the country on your own with the help of a map. As long as you know the site that you are most interested in driving to and enjoying and also exploring, you will find the self drive tours very interesting and fulfilling for your Spanish holiday. It is especially a great adventure when taking your family with you for the holiday.

Driving tours will require time and they are therefore ideal for people who have enough time to spare for the holidays thus giving them the great chance of enjoying everything that it has within it. You can however still enjoy the driving tours on short holidays by creating an area for the exploration thus ensuring that you get to exhaust everything that particular areas have to offer you as a visitor to Spain.

Spain has different kinds of tours offering all kinds of experiences and a few considerations will ensure that you settle for the best holiday with a package that will meet all your holiday needs. It is one of the countries in the world that you can rely on in providing you with a fulfilling, relaxing, enjoyable, calm and comfortable holiday since it has something for every kind of traveler. A holiday in the country is bound to be your most memorable.

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Impressive Sights at Alicante

Alicante is one of Valencian Community’s cities; in fact, it is the second biggest city in this community that is known to offer white clouds and a beautiful Mediterranean climate. It offers many great historical sights with the special Castillo de Santa Barbara which is an ancient Moorish castle. 

City beauty

The city of Alicante is very impressive with its beauty and cleanliness; it is situated on a hill facing the sea. The beaches are long and wide with fine sand and warm waters. It has many parks that allow visitors to walk through its lush flora with some birds as residents.

Alicante offers a lot of exciting adventure with the numerous spots of attraction during the day or night. The warm hospitality by its locals draws many visitors on a yearly basis. The locals take life easy; one step at a time while enjoying the simple lifestyle at Alicante.

City attractions

One of the city attractions in Alicante is the Explanada de España which is a boulevard filled with palm trees and mosaic wave form. This boulevard mosaic has about 6 million parts of various colors. It runs parallel to the city harbor. The city port invites large cruise ships carrying loads of tourists from around the world while offering a gateway to the idyllic island of Ibiza.

The port also boasts of Monte Bernacantil which stands majestically at 169 meters high with the impressive Castillo de Santa Barbara fortress along its slopes. This enchanting fortress was built sometime during the 14th – 18th century. This was once the largest Moorish castle in Europe which is accessible by road. An interesting feature of this fortress is its tunnel that leads to Playa de Postiguet beach.

There are majestic mountainous views from this fortress where panoramic city views are gleaned as well. One can view as far as Tabarca Island in the south from this ancient castle.

Ancient attractions

There is no lack of historical attractions with the numerous ancient monuments around Alicante. The 14th – 16th century Basilica de Santa Maria enjoys the status of oldest local church in Alicante with a Gothic style. The same site was a former Alicante Moorish mosque.

There is also the 15th – 17th century Concatedral San Nicolas of Bari which was built in Renaissance style over the remains of an ancient mosque. A mere five kilometers away stands the Santa Faz monastery which is a stone construction from the 15th century. It is ornately decorated that highlights its majestic presentation.

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The Attractions of Valencian Community

The Valencian Community is another of Spain’s Autonomous Community that is a prototypical “Mediterranean Spain”. It enjoys a fantastic climate with over 500 kilometers of beautiful beaches. It is one of Spain’s most attractive tourism spots with millions of tourists coming in every year.


The Valencian Community comprises 3 provinces; namely, Alicante, Valencia and Castellon. Its current capital is Valencia with lots of delightful holiday attractions. There is more than sun and sand; there are plenty of historical remains in the form of architectural structures and monuments, artifacts and sculptures of ancient remote civilizations from the eras of the Phoenicians, Iberians, Greeks and Romans. It was Jaime de Aragon who came conquering once upon a time to build the kingdom of Valencia.

The rich Moorish legacy that has been left behind is very much alive in various traditional artisans that display beautiful art and craft works. Agriculture thrives on its vast and fertile ground with juicy oranges and rice.

Holiday fun

There is no lack of tourist attractions in the Valencian Community with the 3 rich provinces forming this community. Valencia as the community’s capital offers outstanding Gothic monuments such as the Miguelete bell tower and La Lonja.

Valencia is one of Spain’s largest cities that are vibrant and modern. Its location near the Mediterranean Sea offers delightful beaches close by that entice tourists and locals alike. This spot is very popular with tourists during the summer. There is a myriad of activities at the beach for a beach holiday in Valencia. One can enjoy all kinds of sports that include land sports and water sports.

Visitors to Valencia can enjoy a game of golf, cycling, hiking, tennis or trekking along many vast and diverse natural landscapes. Those who enjoy water sports can indulge into diving, swimming, jet skiing, fishing, snorkeling and boat rides.

Nightlife is vibrant and exciting with the plethora of bars, pubs and discotheques along the beach. A pulsating nightlife with a rich culture and warm hospitality draws many to Valencia for the weekend or summer for a holiday.


There is a myriad of affordable accommodation for all kinds of tourists to Valencian Community. There are budget hotels, hostels, holiday villas, rented apartments and luxurious hotels to meet the varied expectations of tourists to Valencia.

Many places of stay in Valencia are near the beaches and city or town which makes it very conducive for tourists to move about.

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Walking Holidays And Island Destinations In Spain

Taking a walking holiday is definitely a good idea especially if you are physically fit. The coastal area is a great place to enjoy walks. The Pyrenees are also a perfect solution. If you want to enjoy nature and wildlife, northern Spain is a perfect place to go. Picos de Europa offers the best of this. The regions of Castile and Galicia are also perfect as they are quite un-spoilt.

The best way to tour the region is by travelling on foot from one hotel to the next. The luggage that you have will be transferred to your next stop. You will also be able to enjoy some security as you take the walk and you will be fully protected all the way. You will be able to enjoy Spain in a way that would have been impossible if you were to travel using the road options or trains.

If you do not feel up to walks while in Spain, you still have the option of using bikes. The biking holidays are also quite popular in Spain. The luggage transfer is also applied in this case. The tour starts with an orientation phase where you are briefed every morning on the areas that you will cover within the day. You can then be able to start the biking trip. This may take a number of days. The best thing is the fact that you can take detours while on the road. You will also be able to see Spain in a whole different light.

The walking and biking holidays require that you should be physically fit. You may therefore opt to travel by bus. More ground will be covered in this case and you will not be too tired as bus rides are not very engaging.

The island regions in Spain are quite many especially when we bear in mind that Spain actually has two oceans at its service. Both the Atlantic and Mediterranean have some perfect island destinations that can be greatly enjoyed.

The Canary Islands enjoy perfect climate most of the year. There are also great accommodation facilities in the area. There are also some resorts that are very is ideal for families. The areas are easily accessible by ferry. If you want a vacation that is pristine, the la Graciosa is a perfect place for holiday.

The Balearics are yet another group of islands. Mallorca, an island on the Balearics, offers low end tourism. The areas may be crowded but you can still enjoy mountains, beautiful landscapes, forests as well as villages that are truly picturesque.

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